Who We Are: Preva Hair and Body is a Christian and community-based beauty supply company located in Detroit Michigan. Preva specializes in handmade whipped shea butter products, guaranteed to nourish your skin with natural moisturizers and protectants. At Preva Hair and Body, only the best, organic shea butter is collected for the most gratifying experience your skin deserves.

Our Brand: Preva dedicates research, time, and attention to our craft by ensuring that we use some of the best shea butter in the world right from the Karite trees of West Africa. We pride ourselves on providing premium products that not only transform your skin but speak beauty and wellness into your life as well. Whether you’re using our shea butter to make your own hair lotion or for your child’s eczema, our products are versatile and safe for the entire family.

Our Customers: Preva knows that its most precious resource are its customers. We value the opinions and feedback of our customers and work committedly to ensure that each product with the Preva label represents our vision for our beloved customers.

Our Beliefs: Preva believes that a community is as strong as its leaders inspire it to be. We use our platform to give back to the people and projects that need it most.  Our company takes pride in the value of community and want our customer service to reflect that concept. 


Our Vision: For our customers to experience and enjoy what it feels like to care for and cherish their skin and hair with confidence and self-love.


Our Mission: Encouraging others to promote the beauty of the world by enhancing the beauty within themselves.      


"Beauty is our Passion. Giving back is our Priority."