Founder and CEO of Preva Hair and Body, Scott Boateng was on a mission for change and opportunity in 2014 when he launched his soon-to-be legacy, Preva. Scott always had a passion for promoting self-love, pride, and unity in the black community. Yet, he realized that there were very few black and minority-owned businesses in the southeast Michigan area. More so, Scott saw that black people were putting money into the same businesses that neglected to help uplift the community.

Scott pursued a goal to open a beauty supply shop in his community that would give back and empower those who supported his dream.  However, he encountered a major setback when trying to secure the money for the business and had to explore other options.

 Not settling for defeat, Scott sought the business mentorship of his brother and decided to develop an online presence instead. Scott took his principles of self-love, pride, and unity and invested them into high-quality, top of the line beauty products, including skin, hair, and other beauty products.

Today, Preva continues to grow while striving to build prosperity and opportunity in the community.